>What to do on a Sunday?


As a kid I never liked Sundays. I would have to wear my sundayclothes and my friends from school who were young calvinists were not allowed to play outside.

The best things of Sunday was the church in which I would very often sing in the choir that was high above the church goers. Up there, near the organ, I could laugh and write small notes to and with my friends.

After church we would all go home. My parents were not too strict and would often drive to their friends and we would often go to eat in restaurants. The next day, our teachers would ask what we had done and we would tell them we were in a cafe and they would be shocked.

Nowadays I often go the Buddhist Cultural Centre in the woods near Zeist. We do gongyo there and I meet the Buddhist friends I made. That’s what I did today too. It was the best, again, as always.

I am a Nichiren Daishonin buddhist and a member of the Soka Gakkai International, a lay organisation. We practice by chanting:

Nam myoho renge kyo

which means:

I dedicate my life to the law of cause and effect through sound

but this is one of its meaning as it has a lot more depth than just that. More will follow.

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