Lovers Lullaby – Melanie (Safka Schekeryk)

Written by Melanie Safka Schekeryk

And when I remember how good your love feels
The real world goes slipping away
And though it’s just dreaming I make your love true
And I trade in this real world for one dream of you

I go to a clearing in the woods that we share
When the real world holds us apart
Though I can’t hold your hand and I can’t kiss you there
I will die in this real world to live in your heart

And though over simple is there anything else
Sometimes I awaken to question myself

Oh what fools, what children, to follow the heart
For a dream that might last just one night
But something that doesn’t speak English says do
And I trade in this real world for one night with you

And something with wings and speaks only in blues
Tells me trade in this real world for one night with you

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