>Got some wonderful news last night. Great plans that need to be finalized but when they are I am going to live my dream again.
One of my dreams as the other one is to finish my novel.
I wrote till the early mornings last night, I was so tired I fell of my chair, my eyes were watery and I couldn’t see the screen anymore.
What is this great news?
I will tell you as soon as it materializes.
But if this will happen it means I have to write and write and write and not think so much anymore.
About sentences.
That I don’t like.
That are not deep.
Have too many words.
Explain too much.
Words I use.
I just have to write and write.

I am reading the wonderful tale of the Devil and the Girl written by Paulo Coellho, not all of his sentences are masterpieces I realized.

So the story is unfolding and has to be told.

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