>And Now after waking up it really is the last day of the year 2006. I am sitting next to my daylight lamp and am ready to take a bath.
But the bath is not ready for me yet. Too hot.

Shall I tell you about New Year’s Eve here in Amsterdam?
First of all we don’t call it New Year’s Eve, we call it Oudejaarsavond which could be translated into Old Year’s Evening.
Mostly people stay home and watch TV.
In the Low Lands we have this TV tradition where a political comedian looks back at the year with an ironic, sometimes cynical but always comical point of view.
When I was a little kid my parents and friends would listen to the radio but since Television those comic guys (as it is always guys) tell their comic comment on TV.

So people watch TV and eat oliebollen. Oliebollen are like your donuts, actually I heard your donuts come from our oliebollen but oliebollen don’t have a hole and are round and have currants.
Apart from these oliebollen that are sprinkled with powdered sugar, we eat appelflappen. Appels cut flat rolled in dough and deep fried. Delicious. This is avery good base for alcohol which is drunk wildly.
Mostly champagne.

At 12, people cheer and clap and then after 5 minutes every one goes out in the street to let off fireworks and within seconds the whole city lights up and there is so much noise that it looks like a war breaks out.
It is awesome.
The whole city smells of gunpowder, the skies are lit. Some of the fireworks makes a lot of noise and I mean a LOT, others are just beautiful to watch. The next morning all streets are covered with the pink paper of the fireworks.

Every year millions and millions of euro’s go up in smoke.
This is how we chase the evil spirits away.

Happy New Year
Gelukkig Nieuwjaar.

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