Lies. A dilemma.

We all lie. Do I dare say that anyone who denies s/he lies, is a liar? Some people are bad liars, others practice it with mastership. I also lie, sometimes I lie to save my own ass, sometimes I lie to save someone elses ass. One thing I hardly ever lie about is my age, I am 52 and proud to be. To lie gives one a feeling of power. When you lie you are creating your own world of which you are the sole creator; you made the world your own invention with your lies.

I don’t remember if : ” Thou shall not lie ” is one of the Ten Commandments and I hope that no one thinks that I think it is okay to lie. Why I admit that I have lied is because so often people are hypocrite about it.

Hence my dilemma, what should my reaction be when I find out someone has lied to me?

Should I confront him with his lies? I would love to do that but what will the result be of this confrontation? I am almost positive that he will not say, oh thank you for pointing out I am liar and yes, mea culpa mea culpa.

Or should I tell the person that he lied about?

Whose side am I on? The liar of the other person? If I am on the liars side does that make me a liar?

In cases like this I am really glad I am a buddhist as it gives me the opportunity to chant about it and that is exactly what I am going to do.


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