The best mother
Kitty Koorevaar – married to Koert Huizinga
Born November 24 1921 – Died November 3 1988

My mother was the best. Really. From the moment I could love, I loved her. Born from a mysterious mother who died in the Indian Ocean two months after my mother was born she grew up in an orphanage and was adopted as a little girl by an eccentric old spinster. She met my father when she was 27, they were both leaders at a summercamp for young Latin School students and my mother, partly Surinam, would sing Negro Spirituals as the songs were still called then.

I’ll sing you one oh
green grow the rushes oh
what is your one oh
one and one is all alone
and every one shall be so.

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We used to sing a lot at home, or in the car or anywhere where we were together.
It was a total shock for me when my mother fell fatally ill. We had 8 months with her in which she said goodbye to the world, to her friends that she had gathered around her in her lifetime. That is how I learned about friendship. Both my parents had friends since they were young and that stayed their friends till they died. If people say they don’t believe in real friendship I know they are so wrong. Friendship is something you give, if you want to have good friends be one.
That is one of the many beautiful things my parents taught us. (My older brother and my older sister and me).

I miss my mother. The missing got less as in the first six weeks after her death I just cried non stop. I got used to missing her. But sometimes, it hits me, and I am in just as much pain as I was then.
I hope she is reborn in a family with a mother that is alive and that loves her very much, with a father who is around and who loves her very much. I hope she has a brother that protects her and a sister she can laugh with.

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