How important is health?

Most of the time I feel totally healthy, I have no complaints what so ever, no pain, no problems, I am feeling good. At moments like that, I am never aware of the delicate balance of health and sickness but once I get ill I remember.

To be grateful for health is not a feeling that I have all the time. Actually I hardly ever feel grateful for my health as it seems to be so obvious but it isn’t at all.

One of my dear friends is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, another friend has fybromyalgy, and yet another friend broke her shoulder and is always in pain.

I am really squeamish about pain. Last monday I wanted to die for the pain in my legs I thought was unbearable. I am thinking about my friends, who are in pain all the time.
They are heroes.

I am of to the footdoctor now. I will get arch support.

And I am thankful for my health. I truly am grateful.

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