>When I came back from Korea I was in tremendous pain. My legs hurt so much it felt like lead was poured into my veins. After two sleepless nights the doctor prescribed some painkillers so I could sleep at night, which I was grateful for but the pain didn’t go. On the contrary, it got worse and worse. On Sunday my girlfriend Rati decided we should go see a doctor, she brought a booklet with her and asked all sorts of questions: what was wrong with me? I sat there, silently but I didn’t really feel silly, I was happy she asked those questions.
It turned out I was not 28 anymore.
I had tried to fool me and had been running around like I was 28, especially in Korea where I didn’t sleep more than 4 hours a night but my age had caught up with me.
I was suffering from oedema and the doctor prescribed me pills to pee just like my dad had when he was my age.
Old age is creeping up on me. What fun!
It is one of the four sufferings according to Buddhism:
Birth, sickness, old age and death.
But we will live again.
In a way it doesn’t matter what state we are in, as long as I keep on chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo
I will be happy
even though it was very hard to sit.

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