>What’s up with Britta?


It is the middle of the night, well not exactly, but I have been awake for a while now. It’s Britta again. About an hour ago she woke me, she wanted to go off the bed, (yes, she sleeps with me) I have to help her as she is blind. On the floor she bumped into everything so I guided her to where she wanted to go. Bathroom she went in, wrong, kitchen and then through the cat door she went into the garden. Barked and walked in circles. I thought that maybe she had to go pee so I guided her to the grass but that was not what she wanted, she wanted to eat the bamboo. So I let her eat. I was in my pyama’s and it was pretty cold, so after a while, I took her back in.

After twenty minutes the scene repeated, Now I wore something, she ate and I carried her in again.

It is hard to live with an old dog, whose days are counted. Fill in old mother, old father, old sister or brother. It is hard to realize you will lose them one day to never seen again.

Death never changes.

One thought on “>What’s up with Britta?

  1. >Once you have to pick Britta up from a police station because she went on a stroll and forgot her name and where she lives, that’s when you have to start worrying 🙂

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