Weekly update on Britta, aka Brittania of Grace and Joyshe still loves to sleep.
Two nights ago, she totally scared me again. She woke up in a frenzy, her heart was beating way too fast and she looked bewildered. I thought she was going to die. And she couldn’t die. Not on Nitai’s birthday so I started chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and I held her in my arms.
Two thoughts were in my mind, oh my dearest Britta sweetie, please don’t die now, but if you do, go in peace and be human in your next life. I caressed her, chanted and wished.
And she made it and is very much alive today.

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  1. >I can see that Britta is practicing hard how to be a human -starting with the exercise how to sleep most comfortable.Since she is surrounded with all that Daimoku, I am convinced she will come back as a human.Hopefully as a vegetarian :-))eissi

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