>This morning I found a cross spider in my washbassin, and as I am a Buddhist, I took up a piece of cloth and grabbed the animal to throw it out into the garden. Relieved I looked at the wall to find an enormous house spider

Terrified I picked the cloth up again, hoped I would get hold of Lady Spider and shook it out in the garden. I didn’t see her run away but I was too scared to look well but I saw hanging, and looking at me with a disturbed face Ms Cross Spider.

The day passed, Rati&I went to the library and I took up the first novel of my new heroine in writing
She inspired me to finally finish my own novel.
No title yet.
But as I was writing I was everywhere. Looking for English gardens I ran into Monet and found this:
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>This is my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Britta eating an ice cream cone we were having fun at De Parade and she had the time of her life finding all sorts of delicacies

Then she met her friend Bardot, a Border Collie,but Britta was not really interested. Bardot is always busy or tired. Running around chasing sheep and eager to please his boss. This is not Britta’s way, oh no, she likes to do her own way.
So I took her home again, in her basket. Posted by Picasa

>Anja Meulenbelt, Famous Feminist, still going strong opens the Melkweg Gallery Photo Exhibition ‘Life of Women’ photo’s taken by Gon Buurman. Anja kisses Gon and congratulates her with her exhibit and book.
Some of the guest were the believers in Sisterhood is Powerful
Rati Manjari & Birgitta Vereecke
And the one and only Lido Kleijn, aka Dr. Decline.

More about Gon Buurman you will find on www.Melkweg.nl and then go to Fotografie.

The Life of Women gaat over ontmoetingen in het leven van Gon Buurman als fotografe. Het zijn portretten van vrouwen (zwart/wit en in kleur) die in Nederland leven en werken. Foto’s van jonge en oude vrouwen, moeders met kinderen, vrouwen die gaan trouwen, die lachen, die liefhebben, die rouwen en portretten van moslima’s, van vrouwen met sproeten, van vrouwen in familieverband.
Gon Buurman is freelance fotografe in Amsterdam. Pas op haar 40ste begon ze met fotograferen. Inmiddels heeft ze zes fotoboeken op haar naam staan, waarvan het taboe doorbrekende ‘Aan hartstocht geen gebrek’ over handicap, lichaamsbeleving en erotiek, internationaal veel aandacht heeft gekregen. Ze heeft in opdracht series gemaakt (SIRE, Anne Frank Stichting e.a.) en verschillende prijzen (o.a. de Zilveren Camera) gewonnen. Haar werk werd vaak geëxposeerd en gepubliceerd in kranten, boeken en tijdschriften.De foto’s in The Life of Women tonen momenten uit het leven die nauwelijks op deze manier door professionele fotografen zijn vastgelegd en die anders verloren zouden gaan. Ze zijn bovendien een statement over het onvervreemdbaar recht van vrouwen op een eigen leven en worden bekenden, buurvrouwen, vriendinnen die voor je gaan leven.The Life of Women verschijnt ook als fotoboek bij Veenman Publishers, met tekst van Anja Meulenbelt. Het boek is tijdens de tentoonstelling in de Melkweg Galerie te koop.Deze tentoonstelling werd mede mogelijk gemaakt met steun van Octra & partners bv Amsterdam. Posted by Picasa

>Lucky in the Low Lands


I am so lucky to live in the Netherlands and to live in Amsterdam. This is just the best place with the most beautiful people. This summer I went to a beautiful theater fair called Parade where I saw the multitalented Ellen ten Damme, who is Dutch hope & beauty in Music.

She is a great impersonator (Dietrich, La (Nina) Hagen ) but I thought she is an ever better songwriter singing her own songs. She has a great band and is a very acrobatic performer. She was walking on her hands during one of the songs, and hanging from the lamp in another, she does push ups on 1 hand in yet another sing! She plays the violin, accoustic guitar, grand piano, electric guitar, and she sings that

She is the singer of the band.

>Dutch in Drenthe


Drente is green, dark green. It used to be the poorest province of the Netherlands; at the beginning of the last century people still lived in ‘plaggenhutten’ huts made of sods of earth.
The farm we stayed in had a reed roof

and of course I wore wooden shoes

when I walked to the pond to pick blackberries

In the trees I saw berries that I didn’t dare eat

To ride my bike again the next day

In the Dutch mountains

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