>Waiting for my guest the nine year old Jay. Staying over night. We are going to ahve some fun I am sure. Don’t know yet, if I will stay home with her or that I will take her with me to the swimming pool.

Had a great dinner of salad and smoked salmon. Have not been really eating animals since I hooked up with Rati but thought I needed some fish.
I shredded the salmon up to put in my salad.
I made ahoney dill sause with pumpkinseed oil and started to enjoy the meal.
Till I saw the stripes of meat.
They looked so dead.
It looked disgusting.

Maybe I will never eat meat/fish again.

Would be better.
Hope so.




I dedicate my life to the Mystic Law through sound.

Chanting Nam myoho renge kyo is so wonderful.

I have been busy writing my manuscript that has no name yet. It’s been exciting and it’s been long. I wanted it finished last year but it didn’t. Life in the shape of the husband of my favorite singer and the friendship we all feel grabbed me away from my computer and dipped me in this Crazy Love.

But now I am here, not leaving for a while. Taking care of my sweet old dog Britta.
And loving Rati, my companion and loving her son.

So here I am, two years later, it’s been good and it’s been great and all the better for my story that has made a 100% change in feeling, emotions.

From down under on Top.

It will be finished in December. And I keep you posted.

>Blue de Wolvega


I love cheese. Yellow, hard Dutch cheese that most Americans would call Gouda but it not really Gouda. I like cheese with a bite, ripe and well matured.

Pikant belegen that is.

Right now, I am in a relationship with a vegetarian and she told me that for coagulant they use the stomach of the veal and that made me sad so now I buy vegetarian cheese and I think that this BLUE DE WOLVEGA is a vegetarian cheese and one of the best blue cheeses I have ever enjoyed.

What taste, soft and strong, piquante and creamy.

And what is even better, it is organic.


Don’t ever think again that this country where I am living is so great and that we really think of human rights. FORGET IT.
Yesterday I saw on TV that refugee mothers who have applied for citizen ship or refugee status and who are not getting it are put in jail and so are there kids.
There are about 24 children in jail who have done nothing wrong. Their mothers have done nothing wrong, apart from fleeing their country, for what ever reason, may it be economic or political, but to have a better life and have a better life for their kids.
I am ASHAMED that this is happening in my country.
Ashamed and upset.
These laws are inhuman.
What can I do?

>Het is een schande


Heb net in 1 vandaag het verhaal gehoord van het chinese jongetje Hui. Als uitgeprocedeerde 8 jarige belandde hij met ijn moeder in de cel.

In de CEL ja.

Zeven maanden zat dit jongetje in de cel tot hij de straat op werd gezet als ongewenst vreemdeling. Gelukkig hebben ze vrienden in Zeeland die ze helpen. En wat zegt het jongetje als ze vragen wat hij wil?


Hoe is dat mogelijk? Hier willen blijven waar hij in de cel wordt gezet?

Hoe Nederland met vluchtelingen om gaat. In welke levensstaat zitten deze mensen die die wetten maken en ze uitvoeren?

Defence for Children

>Lesbians have better sex


WOMEN are more likely to orgasm during lesbian sex than straight sex, a survey reveals.

Just under 69 per cent of women climaxed during their last heterosexual encounter compared to 76 per cent who romped with another female.

Researchers who quizzed 19,000 people across Australia blamed selfish men who concentrated solely on intercourse because it was most “effective” for them. They added that many women with lower sex drives were also left unsatisfied when pressured into having sex — while only 5.2 per cent of men did not orgasm.

Three-quarters of women polled by three Aussie universities said their last sexual activity included some kind of “manual stimulation”. A quarter said their romp included oral sex. The survey was published in the Journal of Sex Research

>What to do on a Sunday?


As a kid I never liked Sundays. I would have to wear my sundayclothes and my friends from school who were young calvinists were not allowed to play outside.

The best things of Sunday was the church in which I would very often sing in the choir that was high above the church goers. Up there, near the organ, I could laugh and write small notes to and with my friends.

After church we would all go home. My parents were not too strict and would often drive to their friends and we would often go to eat in restaurants. The next day, our teachers would ask what we had done and we would tell them we were in a cafe and they would be shocked.

Nowadays I often go the Buddhist Cultural Centre in the woods near Zeist. We do gongyo there and I meet the Buddhist friends I made. That’s what I did today too. It was the best, again, as always.

I am a Nichiren Daishonin buddhist and a member of the Soka Gakkai International, a lay organisation. We practice by chanting:

Nam myoho renge kyo

which means:

I dedicate my life to the law of cause and effect through sound

but this is one of its meaning as it has a lot more depth than just that. More will follow.

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