De Blauwe Haai

  • >The Two Queens in the fall of Amsterdam, The Netherlands – gelukkig zijn ze – Happy to be alive and to love 

  • >Buddhist in action 

  • >Setlist Fall 2005 

  • >Lucky in the Low Lands

    > I am so lucky to live in the Netherlands and to live in Amsterdam. This is just the best place with the most beautiful people. This summer I went to a beautiful theater fair called Parade where I saw the multitalented Ellen ten Damme, who is Dutch hope & beauty in Music. She is…

  • >Dutch in Drenthe

    > Drente is green, dark green. It used to be the poorest province of the Netherlands; at the beginning of the last century people still lived in ‘plaggenhutten’ huts made of sods of earth.The farm we stayed in had a reed roof and of course I wore wooden shoes when I walked to the pond…