The World´s Tree Species: The Legend of the Ceibo (Cockspur Coral tree)

The World´s Tree Species: The Legend of the Ceibo (Cockspur Coral tree).


Ceibo Tree

According to legend this tree flower is the soul of the Indian queen Anahi, the ugliest of an indomitable tribe that lives on the banks of the Parana River.
But Anahi had a beautiful voice, purhaps the most beautiful voice ever heard in those parts. She was also rebelious like the rest of her people and a lover of freedom like the birds of the forest. One day she was taken prisoner, but with bravery and determination she killed the guard who watched over her.
From that very moment her destiny was sealed and she was condemned to be burned at the stake the very next night. She was tied to a short jungle tree with wide leaves. Slowly Anahi was enveloped by the flames.
The witnesses to her execution watched in amazement as the body of the Indian queen gradually took on a strange new form and little by little was transformed into a graceful tree, odorned with red flowers.
The next morning in a nearby clearing in the forest stood a radiant Ceibo in full flower.

(The “Ceibo” of this legend refers to the Cockspur Coral tree(Erythrina Crista-galli) that is common in South America and is the national tree and flower of Argentina. Don´t confuse this tree with others such as the Ceiba Pubiflora that are totally different)


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